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Requirements for Application for Belize Passport

Yesterday morning we received a call from a potential client who wanted to complete a Belize application passport for her brother. After we answered all her questions and provided her with a quote, she booked our services for 5:00 PM at her house in the Los Angeles (border Bel Air / Sherman Oaks) area. 3-4 hours before the appointment time, she called and asked if she can move the time to 7:00 PM instead as her brother was arriving out of town. With no hesitation we agreed to move the time and our notary public Moe arrived at her house to complete the job.

What made this notary job extra special is that we had to take our time and review the Belize website/passport site for further instructions on how to complete some of the forms. The first requirement was that a 2x2 passport photo needed to be certified except that on the back of the photo, we had to write (I certify that this is a true likeness of Name of Applicant), signed by the Consular Officer. The second step was completing the Recommender Form 3A, signed and stamped by a Notary Public. This form basically stated that the notary public acknowledges and confirms that what the applicant wrote on the application is true. Now in order to make that happen, we had to present a Jurat form on the application itself and put the applicant under oat.

In conclusion, our Notary Public was able to complete the task accurately and exposed himself to a new foreign passport process. We at No Hassle Notary are happy that the client chose us and very appreciative for a positive feedback that she left us on yelp after the completion of the job.

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