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Benefits of Hiring a Mobile Notary Public

Ease of Contract

It is the job of the notary public to ensure that the signature(s) on the legal documents are authentic, saving your business from any legal implications. Notary Public are only accountable for the authenticity of the signatures on the documents and not for the content of the legal document. Our representatives at No Hassle Notary will inspect your document(s) in order to verify the true identity of the signer(s) so that the notarization gets completed accurately.

Prevention of Fraud

Fraudulent activities can be easily prevented if you have a notary public present at the time of signing the documents. This is because the notary public will not only ask the signer(s) to prove their identities but they will also ensure that the documents being signed are also original. We at No Hassle Notary will ensure that the person signing the document(s) is not doing so under any threats or without freewill.


Utilizing a traveling notary public, gives clients more flexibility. A mobile notary will be at your service whenever you need them whether it is at 10 at night or 8 in the morning. Many notary public that have physical office locations close early, however, we at No Hassle Notary conduct Notary daily until 11:00 PM. In addition, we offer our clients two options: 1) We can travel to their office/home/etc... for a small travel fee that starts at $10 OR we meet clients at Starbucks for no additional fee.

No Hassle of Location

A mobile notary will come to your desired location, saving your precious time and money. Whether you ask them to come to your office, home, or a hospital, they will be there. You no longer have to leave your work in order to go the office of a notary public because mobile notaries will come to you. We at No Hassle Notary are located in the San Fernando Valley area and cover all the cities around and we have one of the lowest traveling fee in the industry.

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